Hire talented
QA specialists
Junior/Pre-middle level
... and don't spend weeks for that?

We've seriously made your life easier

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    You don't have to sift through hundreds of candidates.
    The first 75 interviews have already been conducted for you.
    We are the only paid QA course with an enrollment competition of 4-5 people per place. And to recruit 15 students per group, we interview 60-75 people.

    3-stage selection process from pre-assignment, individualized vocational guidance and QA aptitude screening helps to identify those who are motivated and have an aptitude for testing. Only such applicants start the training.

    This will save you a lot of time in the initial screening process.
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    You don't have to look for the motivated.
    You won't see those who "want to try" and "not sure yet".
    We are one of the few courses that you can't pass to the end "just because" you paid tuition. We expel for poor academic performance.

    There are no streaming lectures. All classes are workshops in groups of 15 students with a mentor with 10+ years of IT experience. The same mentor personally checks the challenging homework assignments and thus personally monitors the progress of each student.
    Attached to each graduate's diploma are detailed grades for their knowledge and skills in each technology.

    This will make your interviews more productive.
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    You don't want to come across candidates with drawn-out experience in a technical interview.
    Experience of working on a real business project is already there.
    We are one of the few courses where all graduates work for two months as full-fledged QA specialists in a US-company after graduation.

    During the internship they worked inside the project as full-fledged QA, communicating with developers, recovering requirements, setting up processes under the guidance of a lead mentor, and testing the entire stack from the inside: API, Backend, DB.

    This will allow you to get more value out of the project already during probationary period.

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We only graduate 90 QA specialists a year.

Why so few?

Because we try to be the Harvard of QA courses and emphasize quality over quantity.